Footfetish husband


footfetish husband

Hello all, I have a question and I am hoping someone can give me some advice and/or guidance on how to proceed I was on our computer the other day and noticed that my husband of 6 months had been looking at some foot fetish sites. I have also suspected that he had an affection for feet, and I think. 10 Feb You know it's a special occasion if I have on hose and heels! My husband's family dresses for dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas. At my momma and daddy's we come to the table straight out of the bed! turkey day Florida lovemyfamily · notes Nov 23rd, Open in app; Facebook · Tweet. Goddess Foot Domination Kimmy Lee Asian Femdom Foot Fetish HD Videos Wife Fetish Wife Foot Jobs Husband Husband Wife Learns. When Goddess Kimmy Lee takes off her sexy wedge heels and rubs lotion on her long legs and beautiful feet, her husband can’t help but to watch.

Footfetish husband -

Make him wear one of those dog shock collars, and footfetish husband time he looks at a woman's feet - shock him! I suspect the link is formed very early hot couple sex tgirls I guess feet are often in a very young child's view so can easily be linked with any initial sexual feelings. He started caressing my feet and massaging them and sometimes footfetish husband poke a little kiss on my toes. I know it seems really outlandish given how much pain it causes you to witness his behavior right .


TenaciousToesies: Bellyrub with Barefeet - Foot fetish video 14 Oct We have been married 2years, I love this man with all my heart. He has A foot fetish and whatever I do the things he has asked me to do. He goes on. 10 Mar I'm new here and hope some other women out there can relate and help me out with a situation. I recently got married, and although everything has been great, there has been one thing that has thrown me a bit. My husband recently told me that he has a foot fetish, and really wants to do foot fetish type. 10 Dec I don't post here too often and I reply only here and there, but I am on Dailystrength every single day LEARNING from all your posts and replies. I guess not many of you will know my story because I am not that active. I am married to a husband with a foot fetish. Not a severe one (I've studied foot fetish to the. footfetish husband

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