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amazing peru

I'm looking to book with Amazing Peru for a trip to Peru however I am very concerned with some postings regarding their customer service and problems travelers have encountered during their trip. More concerned with the answers from the Amazing Peru representative. I am looking into different tour. We had a fantastic trip and Amazing Peru really does live up to its name. We are not as young as many of the travellers around and it was great to have everything organised for us. We came to rely on there always being somebody at the airport, station or hotel to meet us or pick us up. The accommodation at all the hotels. With offices in the UK,USA,PERU and throughout Latin America,We offer a wide range of Tours to Peru and Latin America,from Luxury to Economy Tours including Honeymoon Getaways,Luxurious Travel,Family Vacations and Adventure Trips.


AMAZING This trip was all we could have ever dreamed of and more and we could not have done it without Jim Turner and Amazing Peru’s network of services. Particular highlights were the Sanctuary Lodge at Machu Picchu (was a true gem), the tranquility of Suasi Island Eco-Lodge, and the. Peru is one of my favorite travel destinations to date, and it really has something to offer every type of traveler. The food, the friendly people, the adventure — honestly the “amazing things about Peru” list could go on for awhile (but let's get to the point). My favorite thing about this incredible country is that the landscapes here. Amazing Peru is a 9-day tour to one of Latin America's most fascinating countries. Begin your tour in the cosmopolitan capital city of Lima and sightsee its colonial treasures and various neighborhoods. Then, you will continue to Cusco, the centre of the Inca world, and explore the archaeological sites of the region. You will.

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